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Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser “Roller Boogie” | HD film

United Boys and Girls Club of Santa Barbara county logo - 805 Productions non-profit video

“ROLLER BOOGIE” DANCE OR SKATE TO THE LATE 70’s & 80’s ADULTS ONLY! A good opportunity to bring back memories of the past. Interviews of Christie Macias and Magda Arroyo, President and Director of Santa Barbara West Boys and Girls Club. Interviews by Marie Marvel. The Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser was sponsored […]

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Santa Barbara International Film Festival | JOE from DARGAN’S | Video by 805 Productions

Joe is a Dargan’s leading figure in Santa Barbara. Interviewed by Chadd about SBIFF, he will tell us what does he think about today’s film industry. Back in the 60’s and 70’s he had the privilege to work with Charlton Heston, Tom Selleck, Clint Eastwood and many others, and he also had the chance to […]

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Santa Barbara International Film Festival @ Dargan’s | HD video

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International Film Festival is back in town. Everybody is talking about films and movie stars. Check it one two one two @ the Irish pub & restaurant Dargan’s! Joe, a Dargan’s leading figure, interviewed about today’s film industry and James Carmeron’s movie Avatar. Let’s start the tour with a visit of the famous Dargan’s of […]

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DOUG ROWELL – Interview by Werewolf Pat | HD video

Doug Rowell is a true artist wood carver specializing in electric guitars… Back in the 60’s he had the privilege to play with Janis Joplin and many others… Doug shows us how he is carving a Fender Telecaster and talks about the swinging sixties! More cool stuff on www.werewolfpat.com Format: HD November 11, 2010 Intervieviewee: […]

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Werewolf Pat is the creator of the guitar & music blog werewolfpat.com. Let’s meet him in Santa Barbara talking about his upcoming interviews with Phil X, Al Farnell guitars, Doug Rowell wood carver, Dan Altilio of Top Gear Guitar… In these IVs, they will be talking about music and electric guitars and much more! More […]

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