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Santa Barbara Fiesta Pequeña (Rehearsal) | HD film

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Rehearsal of Fiesta Pequeña at the Santa Barbara Mission. 2011 marks the 87th year of Old Spanish Days, as a introduction of the official Fiesta kick-off, Fiesta Pequeña, let’s meet the Flower Girls and the dancers who have been practicing year round getting ready for tonight. Santa Barbara loves you girls!

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Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser “Roller Boogie” | HD film

United Boys and Girls Club of Santa Barbara county logo - 805 Productions non-profit video

“ROLLER BOOGIE” DANCE OR SKATE TO THE LATE 70’s & 80’s ADULTS ONLY! A good opportunity to bring back memories of the past. Interviews of Christie Macias and Magda Arroyo, President and Director of Santa Barbara West Boys and Girls Club. Interviews by Marie Marvel. The Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser was sponsored […]

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