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Clarisa Howe, 805 Productions Sales Representative for Google services in Santa Barbara

Google Trusted Photographer

We are proud to announce that 805 Productions’ Google Trusted Photographer Bruno Ferrari has been recognized by Google as a Top Performer in the Google Street View Trusted Program! Only a small percentage of photographers in the program nationwide have gained this recognition.

We take pride in offering only high quality products along with customized personal service to each and every one of our clients. We carefully work together with our clients every step of the way from the planning of the photo shoot all the way through to helping integrate and maximize the powerful ability of their Google Virtual Tour.

What is a Google Trusted Photographer>

Google Teamed Up with 805 Productions to bring life to Businesses in Santa Barbara California and Paris France. Try the Virtual Tour Experience today!

Google Teamed Up with 805 Productions

Google and 805 Productions are teaming up to bring you a revolutionary new service for Santa Barbara Businesses!
Google has developed a training and certification program for photographers that teach them how to photograph, post process and upload both 2D and 3D panoramic photographs to Google for use in Google Maps, Google Places and in Google Searches. This training program is lengthy and rigorous, requiring nearly two months work to be certified as a Google Trusted Photographer. In addition, each photographer must have special equipment such as special 3D lenses, panoramic tripod turrets, and high resolution digital SLR cameras. Training consists of reading a lengthy and highly technical training manual, then passing a detailed test on how to photograph and post process pictures to Google’s rigorous standards. Once a photographer has passed the written exam, they still must work with a Google contact to take test pictures, perform the image post processing, and properly upload and link the images together on a closed proprietary Google server using specialized Google-developed software. These initial test site images must pass Google’s extremely high standards for quality control, which typically takes 3-4 weeks and can require reshoots to get the images to meet Google’s standards.

What this means to you as a business owner is that you know the photographer that comes to your location not only has experience as a professional commercial photographer, but also has been trained, tested and checked by Google to ensure they meet the highest standards of professional image quality.

Each Google Trusted Photographer such as 805 Productions is an independent business that works with Google to highlight businesses on Google Places, Maps and Search. We contract directly with the business owners to photograph their business and place the images on Google. We are not employees of or directly affiliated with Google, but we have been trained and certified to meet Google’s very high standards for image quality and production.