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DAN ALTILIO | U2’s Adam Clayton Popmart bass | HD video

Dan Altilio of Top Gear Guitar shows us a high quality reproduction of U2’s Adam Clayton Popmart bass… This radical looking instrument was designed by Jerry Auerswald, a master luthier from Germany, specifically for Adam Clayton… More cool stuff at www.werewolfpat.com Format: HD November 13, 2010 Interviewee: Dan Altilio Reporter: Patrick Palumbo Location: Top Gear […]

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DAN ALTILIO | Fender Stratocaster Mighty Strat | HD video

Patrick Palumbo aka the Werewolf Pat presents : A beautiful Fender Stratocaster custom built with some of the best parts available! The body and neck are from Mighty Mite hence the name Mighty Strat! Pat wanted sort of an Ibanez type guitar and based his choices on one of Paul Gilbert’s famous models, the PGM […]

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Werewolf Pat is the creator of the guitar & music blog werewolfpat.com. Let’s meet him in Santa Barbara talking about his upcoming interviews with Phil X, Al Farnell guitars, Doug Rowell wood carver, Dan Altilio of Top Gear Guitar… In these IVs, they will be talking about music and electric guitars and much more! More […]

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