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Local & national Companies Use 805 Productions:


805 Productions create videos for Yelp and local companies in Santa Barbara area.
Google is teaming up with 805 Productions to create Google Business Views in Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Santa Ynez, Carpinteria, Ojai etc...


“Bruno was great. He did an awesome job. ”
Pejvak F, The Flooring Factory – Oxnard, CA.

“Bruno was a great film maker. He was very friendly and professional. He made the whole process very easy for us. Thanks for the excellent directing Bruno!”
Bijan O, Detail Pros – Santa Barbara, CA.


“Awesome Experience from Bruno!! He really made the cleaning come to life”
Andrew H, Prestige Home Services – Santa Barbara, CA.


“I am pleased with the job Bruno did in editing together the film we taped. Thanks”
Brooke W, Brooke Williams – Keller Williams – Santa Barbara, CA.


“Our film-maker, Bruno, spent a lot of time filming the details of the venue and made me feel at ease. He was very professional and friendly. He did a great job.”
Susan G, Rockwood – Santa Barbara Women’s Club – Santa Barbara, CA.


“This was a great experience. Bruno did a great job and made it fun.”
Donald H, Jolly Brothers Catering – Santa Barbara, CA.


“805 Productions of SB captured the gentle and kind atmosphere of what we are creating at the Actor’s Corner Café. Great choice of music, excellent camera work and editing shows the skills of a filmmaker. Bruno was a pleasure to work with. Thank you.”
Grace L, Actor’s Corner Café – Solvang, CA.
“Bruno is wonderful. Does a fabulous job working with staff on the shoot and with edits. Many thanks.”
Karen C, Arbor Services, Inc. – Santa Barbara, CA.


“Bruno did an amazing job and was fun to work with. His patience was amazing and he really captured what we do at Los Padres Outfitters and our beach and trail rides. We were amazed at the editing he did and the great clip that he put together for us.”
Graham G, Los Padres Outfitters – Santa Barbara, CA.


“Bruno took nothing and made it into something! Thank you Bruno! You do great work!!!”
Nikki A, Ayers Automotive Repairs – Santa Barbara, CA.


“Bruno was terrific. He was very professional and helpful.”
Dwight S, Solvang Antiques – Solvang, CA.


“805 Productions made my video clip in less then an hour and were prompt to edit! Great service! I highly recommend them!”
Clara D, DePaola Esthetics – Santa Barbara, CA.


“Wow, stumbled across your video “Move the light, not the fiber” announcing the S Series product. It is first rate and cutting edge, the images support the voice over without being technical assaults. Very well done.”
Jim D. CALIENT Technologies Inc. – Goleta, CA.


“Thank you for doing such a great job for CALIENT! The video is outstanding and Daniel commented to me many times how great you were to work with and how dedicated you were to delivering customer satisfaction. David James Agency, as well as CALIENT, will be pleased to recommend you wholeheartedly to any of our colleagues and friends who need videography services.”
Elisabeth G, The David James Agency LLC