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The Berry Man, Inc. Story | Santa Barbara

In this video, Guy de Mangeon, Owner and President of The Berry Man, Inc. Santa Barbara, is telling us his story, the story of a man who wanted to believe in the American Dream…

A 805 Productions Santa Barbara film. 805productions.com ©2011

Video of Guy de Mangeon presenting his company The Berry Man, Inc. in Santa Barbara

Guy de Mangeon, Owner and President of The Berry Man, Inc. A success story movie.

3 Responses so far.

  1. chantal says:

    super production un super show bonne équipe bien sympathique bises a tous chantal alain

  2. Daniel Petersen says:

    Great production!! A very interesting and well presented story. I remember Guy coming to the El Encanto Hotel in his station wagon full of berries, ~1988. In my ten years as a chef in SB, I ordered exclusively from The Berryman, and at one point went to work for him as a sales rep. I learned quite a bit from Guy and also that I was not a sales rep., but a chef and went back to the kitchen. Good thing because Les is definitely much better than I was. For ten years Les tried to get me to buy from his company-before BM; every week he would stop by and chat knowing I was loyal to The Berryman…

    P.S. Guy, you forgot to mention your days as a roadie for ACDC??

  3. Les Clark says:

    Thanks for the nice words Daniel. YOU ROCK!

    REMEMBER, If you can’t beat em…Join em.