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IMAGINE DRAGONS – “Look How Far We’ve Come” | Filmed in Santa Barbara.

Music video by 805 Productions. Imagine Dragons performing “Look How Far We’ve Come” at the NEW NOISE Santa Barbara Music Conference & Festival 2010. SOHO Restaurant & Music Venue, Santa Barbara, CA.

Brittany Tolman of Imagine Dragons band. 805 Productions Santa Barbara Video Production Services

Brittany Tolman of Imagine Dragons band.

* Video Format: HD
* Date: November 2010
* Event: SANTA BARBARA NEW NOISE Music Conference & Festival
* Song: Look How Far We’ve Come
* Location: Soho Restaurant & Music Venue
* Adress: 1221 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101
* Footage & Editing: Bruno Ferrarotti
* Video production: 805 Productions Santa Barbara

Dan Reynolds (Vox), D. Wayne Sermon (Guitar), Andrew Tolman (Drums), Brittany Tolman (Keys), Ben McKee (Bass)

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