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Ronnie Atwater Memorial

805 Productions Santa Barbara

Memories of Ron by friends and family.   A Celebration of the Life of Ronnie – Childhood   A Celebration of the Life of Ronnie – Colombia   A Celebration of the Life of Ronnie – La Bruja   A Celebration of the Life of Ronnie – Bahamas, Children, Santa Barbara   Ronnie Memorial – […]

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Atwater Hilltop – Working on the Hill

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“The Atwater Hilltop project” – Episode 3 February 27th, 2013, the Atwater Hilltop project made steady progress.Today, Daniel the “Project Manager” is visiting for ensuring that the project moves forward through their constant involvement in the decision-making process. Foundations work is done, Claude gives us a tour.

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Moutain & Sea Dental & Associates | Santa Barbara, 805

Smartshoot advertising video: Mountain and Sea Dental and Associates by 805 Productions Santa Barbara.

New Smartshoot advertising video. Filmed and edited in Santa Barbara. Moutain & Sea Dental & Associates: 2780 State St Ste 6 Santa Barbara, CA 93105 (805) 316-3821

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MOVE THE LIGHT, NOT THE FIBER (Santa Barbara Local Company) HD film

Corporate video produced by 805 Productions for Calient Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA.

Corporate video for Calient Technologies, Leader in Proven 3D MEMS Technology, announcing Calient’s new S Series product line. HD FILM. 805 Productions Santa Barbara | Alternative video solutions with professional results. * Location: Calient Technologies Santa Barbara, CA. * More information: www.calient.net * Camera 1: Bruno Ferraro * Camera 2: Yvan Morin * Voice Over: Robert Croteau * Editing: 805 […]

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LES CLARK – The Berry Man, Inc. Santa Barbara | HD film

Les Clark Interview at The Berry Man, Inc. Santa Barbara.

Les Clark is today the Vice President of The Berry Man, Inc. in Santa Barbara, California. To our 805 Productions cameras, he’s talking about those days when he decided to join Guy de Mangeon’s team. “One of the best decision he has ever made” said Les. This was in the late 90’s… www.theberryman.com * Date: […]

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The Berry Man, Inc. Story | Santa Barbara

In this video, Guy de Mangeon, Owner and President of The Berry Man, Inc. Santa Barbara, is telling us his story, the story of a man who wanted to believe in the American Dream… A 805 Productions Santa Barbara film. 805productions.com ©2011

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