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ALL ABOUT PRODUCE is The Berry Man Inc. in San Luis Obispo

We are in june 2010, 3 months before Guy decides that All About Produce needs to more mirror the business philosophy of Santa Barbara, 3 months before All About Produce, Corp. returns to its original name of The Berry Man, Inc.

All About Produce = The Berry Man Inc, San Luis Obispo | By 805 Productions Santa Barbara

Les Clark Vice President | The Berry Man, Inc.

In spring of 1992 Guy De Mangeon (The Berry Man) opened a second business in San Luis Obispo and called it All About Produce, Corp. All About Produce quickly became the largest Wholesale Produce distributor in the Tri-County Area. Serving customers from Santa Ynez to San Simeon, Including Paso Robles, Atascadero, Lompoc and all points in between, All About Produce, Corp. is where Chefs call when quality and service is what they desire. His state of the art warehouse was built specifically for produce distribution. With over 12,000 square feet of temperature controlled warehouse space and enough trucks to supply a small army, All About Produce is poised to remain the premier produce distributor in Southern California for many years to come.


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