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BIKE FOR LIFE | Santa Barbara Green Short Film Festival | HD Video by 805 Productions

Arelhy rides her bike everyday, anywhere, to go to work, to meet her friends, to go to City College, to shop in downtown or to the Farmer Market… you must have seen her around. Riding a bike is affordable, easy, environmentally friendly, fun, and keep you healthy! So, get on your bike!

"BIKE FOR LIFE" | Produced by 805 Productions Directed by Arelhy Arroyo Music by Jeff Croteau

Arelhy Arroyo, Director of the short "BIKE FOR LIFE"

Directed by ARELHY ARROYO. Music by JEFF CROTEAU. Thanks to Santa Barbara MTD Bus Station, AMTRAK Train Station, the WHEEL HOUSE, JEFF CROTEAU, ROB CROTEAU and EVERYONE THAT BIKES!


* Format: HD
* Event: Santa Barbara Green Shorts Film Festival
* Mars 2011
* Director: Arelhy Arroyo
* Footage & Editing: Bruno Ferrarotti
* Music: Jeff Croteau
* Location: Santa Barbara
* Video production: 805 Productions