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FACES 2 | Santa Barbara

The Berry Man, Inc. night crew. HD film By 805 Productions video Santa Barbara.

The Berry Man, Inc. has a round-the-clock service in Santa Barbara. Opening truly 24/7, we’re having a great team working every night to deliver to you fresh produce 7 days a week – 363 days a year. Here are The Berry Man, Inc.’s Faces of the night.

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FACES | HD film

"We are the Berry Man" - by 805 Productions Santa Barbara. HD film

FACES – From Santa Barbara from 805 Productions on Vimeo. Working at the Berry Man Inc with a smile. The Berry Man’s video “Faces” part 1 is introducing a part of Guy de Mangeon’s team. Part 2 is coming soon! Stay tuned on www.805productions.com The Berry Man Inc Santa Barbara is proud to present the […]

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