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Efficient Hydrogen Motors | Santa Barbara Green Short Film Fest.

Severe global consequences are predicted for the continual production of carbon dioxide from industrial and automobile sources.
The basic ideas at Efficient Hydrogen Motors are as follows:
1) Develop an air cooled hydrogen combustion engine that captures CO2 during its operation
2) Have the CO2 capture energy come from normal operation and waste heat
3) Build a prototype engine and
4) License the idea to an OEM to manufacture.

The rationale behind an air cooled engine is to replace the liquid cooling system with a CO2 capture device. Instead of having a radiator where liquid coolant flows, we intend to have a grid open to air and through which hydroxide circulates.

EHM co-founders Andre Morin and Wilson Hago are looking for HELP!
Technical or Monetary Support to develop a prototype:
-Mechanical Engineers
-Electrical Engineers
-Automotive Engineers
-Publicity Agents
-Angel Investors
Please contact EHM @ www.efficienthydrogenmotors.com

Efficient Hydrogen Motors: Carbon Dioxide Reduction While You Drive!

Classic Cars Show in France. Le Plessis-Robinson 92. Photo 805 Productions Santa Barbara.

Wilson Hago Efficient Hydrogen Motors Co-founder

Wilson Hago Efficient Hydrogen Motors Co-founder

* Video Format: HD
* Date: Mars 2011
* Event: SANTA BARBARA Green Shorts Film Festival
* Subject: Efficient Hydrogen Motors
* Director: Bruno Ferrarotti
* Script: Andre Morin, Jose Valente, Wilson Hago
* Voice over actor: Jose Valente
* Location: Le Petit Cafe & Bakery, Ventura Harbor
* Address: 1591 Spinnaker Dr. Ventura, CA. Ph: (805) 642-1191
(outside shots in Santa Barbara, Oakview, Venice, Le Plessis-Robinson)
* Video production: 805 Productions Santa Barbara

Efficient Hydrogen Motors: Carbon Dioxide Reduction While You Drive!

Andre Morin presents EHM, a company he founded with Dr Wilson Hago in 2006.

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