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Simply Paleo Cooking Show – Fast and easy recipes

New Advertising video.

Filmed and edited in Santa Barbara, 805.


Shelby Sim, winner of a cooking class with Lauren Bragg from the raffle at the SBFC party!

Simply Paleo Cooking Show featuring Lauren Bragg and Shelby Sim. By 805 Productions, Santa Barbara.

Shelby Sim and Lauren Bragg (Simply Paleo owner)

One of Lauren’s favorite things to do in the whole wide world is to teach cooking classes.
Tonight menu:
Cocktail: Rosemary Lemon Gin Fizz.
Appetizer: Cucumber brochette with prosciutto, marinated watermelon radishes, spring onions, asparagus and pineapple salsa with herbed paleo mayonnaise.
Main Course: Roasted blood orange chicken served with herbed pork belly and fresh sweet peas and a fresh cucumber salad.
Dessert: Fresh coconut creme ice cream with a shot of fair trade, organic espresso and organic honey sautéed pears.

More info @ www.simplypaleo.com