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Theseus and the Minotaur | Performed by Foothill School students

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A musical Play written by Ron Fink and John Heath.
Performed by Foothill High School students.
Cast List:
Theseus, son of Aegeus – Tyler Martindale
Bill, friend of Theseus – Zac Lopez
Aegus, King of Athens – Margot Contolini
Athenians – Tristan Cugnier, Sarah Duncan, Dyllan Huyng and Trevor Lum
Athena, Goddess of Athen – Jenica Uhrig
Messengers from Crete – Paul Ayala, Christopher Gamboa and Brandon Heslin
Minos, King of Crete – Miles Marcelline
Poseidon – Shreya Suresh
Nereids, Goddesses of the Sea & Three Singers – Samantha DeAlba,, Melina Ibarra and Celeste Naranjo
The Rays – Sarah Duncan and Trevor Lum
Daidalus – Emilia Kling
Iccarus – Max Kadlec
Ariadne, daughter of Minos – Jasmine Alcantara
Attendants of Ariadne – Alondra Sexton, Taylor Tieso and Guiliana Villano
Minotaur – Tanner Ressler
Bards – Charles Harris, Julia McEachen, Sydney Schapansky and Natalie Sigurdson
and a Chorus made up of all students who are not playing roles at the time.

Santa Barbara, California – April 2, 2014.