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THE 4th ANNUAL CONNOISSEURS’ CIRCLE! (32nd Annual Taste of The Town Santa Barbara)

Francesca Todarello 2013 Taste of the Town Connoisseur CircleYouth Honoree

Welcome to the 4th Annual Connoisseur’s Circle, a Taste of the Town’s event at the luxury hotel El Encanto of Santa Barbara. Created by The Arthritis Foundation, the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention, the control and the cure of America’s leading cause of disability.
Music Live by Vincent Zorn & Vedant Koppera, a Santa Barbara, California based Gypsy Guitar and Violin duo.
El Encanto, 800 Alvarado Pl, Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA. (805)-845-5800
Visit Taste of the Town’s website: tasteofthetownsantabarbara.org