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Santa Barbara Young Professionals 4th Mega Mixer | Part 2

Shelby Sim & Nathalie Wagner at the Anacapa Project. SBYPC 4th Mega Mixer. 805 Productions Santa Barbara

Shelby Sim and Nathalie Wagner at the SBYPC 4th Mega Mixer.

Welcoming ceremony introducing:
J.J. Lambert (President of SBYPC).
Shelby Sim (Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce Director of Business Development).
Debbie Brown (Santa Barbara School of Squash Executive Director).
David Fortson (LoaTree Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer).
Natalie V. Wagner (Real Estate Broker at Lee & Associates).
The SBYPC 4th Annual Mega Mixer was an amazing SMASH HIT!
Bravo to all who created this August Mega Mixer!
Green Drinks Santa Barbara, Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce, Riverbench Vineyard and Winery, The Lark Santa Barbara, Cutler’s Artisan Spirits, Figueroa Mountain Brewing, Avelina Wine Co., Area 5.1 Wine, Secure Pro Security, The Caverns, Santa Barbara School of Squash, Lucky Penny Santa Barbara.

The Caverns Band are:
Alyssa “Thunder Fingers” Davey, Maxton “The Meter” Schulte & Sam Kulchin,