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205 W Montecito St Santa Barbara USA 17 Rue Claude Terrasse Paris 16 France

Pacific Crêpes, Bistro & Bar | Santa Barbara

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Pacific Crêpes trades its old French country style coat for a new Bistro style coat. Yvan Morin and his crew would like to thank you all for your fidelity through the past 15 years and to introduce the upcoming “New Pacific Crêpes Bistro & Bar”. 705 Anacapa Street. “The Taste of France in Santa Barbara since 1997“.
INTERNATIONAL: Clarissa-Yamilcen-Melitta

ENGLISH: Clarissa

SPANISH: Yamilcen

ITALIAN: Melitta

FRENCH: Clarissa

Pacific Crepes Entrance Sign.

Pacific Crepes Bistro & Bar. 705 Anacapa Santa Barbara, CA.