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The Restaurant Guy @ Taste of the Town

Being a computer software developer by trade, John Dickson launched SantaBarbara.com in early 1996. The first web site dedicated to promoting Santa Barbara tourism, it contained dozens of local guides including the Lodging Guide, Beaches Guide, Parks Guide, Wedding Guide and, just by chance, a Restaurant Guide. While working on the dining guide for more than a decade he gained a lot of inside knowledge of what was happening in the local restaurant scene. So today, who would know better about the taste of our town than the Restaurant Guy?

Arthristis Foundation fundraiser Santa Barbara "Taste of the Town" 2012. 805 Productions videographer film google trusted photographer

Click here to watch the pictures of the event. Brought to you by www.santabarbara.com

Santa Barbara’s annual Taste of the Town fundraiser for Arthritis Foundation. Sunday, September 9, 2012