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Viva La Presidenta! Santa Barbara Fiesta | HD film

“Celebrate Santa Barbara” is the theme that La Presidenta Joanne Funari chose for 2011’s Old Spanish Days Fiesta. Today, we’re celebrating Santa Barbara while honoring Santa Barbara local heroes, the men and women who serve in our local law enforcement and fire, meeting past Presidente’s, watching the Spirit and Junior Spirit Marisa Leon-Haro and Anais Crespo-Peña perform, and dancing the night away with DJ Gavin Roy.
Also listening speeches of Joanne Funary, Helene Scneider, Paula Lopez, Josiah Jenkins and Dave Clark.
Sponsored by Impulse.

Helene Schneider talks at Recepcion de La Presidenta. Santa Barbara Fess Parker

Watch the speech of Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider at Recepcion de La Presidenta | 805productions.com

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