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Luis Muñoz – Live in Santa Barbara (featuring music from 2013 album “LUZ”)

The incomparable jazz of Luis Muñoz, “Jazz Composer of the Year”, at The Yellow House Concerts of Santa Barbara. July 30th 2011.
This great concert features brand new music from Luis Muñoz upcoming CD.
Laura Hackstein on violin, Jonathan Dane on trumpet, George Friedenthal on keys, Narciso Sotomayor on guitar, Tom Etchart on bass, Luis Muñoz on drums, alto flute and keyboard.
More info @ www.luismunoz.net
Photography: Yvan Morin
Camera & Editing: Bruno Ferrarotti
Produced by: 805 Productions Santa Barbara

THe latest CD from Costa Rican Jazz composer/Arranger/Percussionist, featuring singers Magos Herrera (México) and Téka penteriche (Brazil)

Luis Munoz – Luz. Photo: Yvan Morin ©2013

Tonight, Luis Muñoz Live concert in Santa Barbara : "An Evening with Luis Muñoz".

Jazz audience at the concert “An Evening with Luis Muñoz”. Video by 805 Productions Santa Barbara.