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Daniel & Roley


By 805 Productions | Published January 7, 2012 | Full size is 1024 × 768 pixels

Roley & Daniel

Daniel and his Jack Russell Terrier, the coolest beach dog!

Daniel and his Jack Russell Terrier just before going to the daily beach promenade at Arroyo Burro beach in Santa Barbara. Roley is the coolest beach dog ever! He goes every day to that beach where he loves playing with a stone. He barks till somebody sends him one and then starts running and pushing the stone with his nose in front of him just like a hockey player.
It’s a fun show to watch and everybody on the beach enjoys this entertainment. You can watch it at Arroyo Burro beach in Santa Barbara every night before sunset or watch it here: http://youtu.be/XRfysSfyD64

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